Strong Fiujia was founded through volunteering and while volunteering will continue to play an important role in carrying out our objectives, we take it very seriously. We take precautions in screening any potential volunteers, particularly those who may have direct contact with our beneficiaries.

In order to volunteer we require:

  • Evidence of attendance to child protection training (we can give you some links to free online training)
  • Recent police clearance
  • Working with children’s card if from Australia
  • Signing of our child protection policy and code of conduct
  • Reference letter from someone who has known you for more than 12 months and who can vouch for your good character

Your time

At Strong Fiuja your time is very important to us. There are many initiatives that would benefit from your time and range from taking out young mamma’s for driving lessons, taking children on respite trips and outings, offering extracurricular activities to providing carpool services and gardening assistance.

Your expertise

If you think that you have a skill or professional that could benefit anyone here at Strong Fiuja, please contact us with an email enquiry to discuss how you may be able to support. This could range from teaching skills like computing, photography, to utilising your professional expertise that supports the work we do including education, physiotherapy and counselling.

Your services

If you are a local service provider or business and you would like to contribute to the work Strong Fiuja undertakes without giving financial support, then providing your service at a free or discounted rate may be the way to go.

For example, this may be horse riding or swimming lessons to children with disabilities or who are undergoing rehabilitation. Or this could be photography, printing, dental or physiotherapy services. All of this makes a huge difference to these wonderful children and Mamma’s.