What We Do


We conduct activities and provide services that support the advancement, empowerment and promotion of strong futures for vulnerable children, young people and women in Vanuatu.


Promoting human rights is the core of our work and we strongly believe in access to inclusive education, training, justice, employment and social welfare for vulnerable and marginalised individuals. We advocate on legislative change that works to empower vulnerable or marginalised individuals.

Promote & Protect

We seek to promote and provide safe environments for children, young people and women in Vanuatu who are survivors of or at risk of sexual abuse and neglect and who are in need of protection.

Refer & Partner

Referral and interagency partnership is a core component of our case management work and is important in providing holistic care to beneficiaries.

We recognise our limitations and that by partnering with other agencies we all benefit.

Speak Out

We believe in the power of storytelling. We work closely with Sista magazine – www.sista.com.vu – to share our personal journeys. By telling our stories, we can show others they are not alone, hold the duty bearers to account and begin the healing process of reclaiming our voice.